The magic of poetry

Moscow, Russia

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The projects I'm involved in are displayed here. This site is dedicated to poetry, the publishers ' site, and the sites of stores that sell my books.

Incredible achievement

My books are on the website of the most famous bookstore in Moscow.


Meet the readers

Finally my books appeared on the most readable site in Russia.


Not a moment of peace

There were books on the most popular and well-known site in Russia


Perfection in every detail

My books appeared on the most popular site based on Android.


There is no limit to perfection

Finally appeared books on English-speaking sites


A little variety

Another popular book site


Forward to dream

In December 2017, I discovered the ridero website, where I was finally able to start printing my favorite works.


Stream of consciousness

I first got acquainted with this site in 2015. He fascinated me and pulled for a long time.


This is the final part of the "Projects"section. If You have any questions, You can contact me by e-mail.